JEDDAH SAUDI ARABIA:The weirdest divorce ever

I was just visiting Judith’s Divorce Blog (Judith is a divorce attorney in UK whose blog I follow and which you can link to here: and I realized that I had forgotten to post about this divorce story. This story has been in the news and I may have posted on it a few months back. In fact I am sure I did. Hang on. Let me see if I can find the post…well, I can’t find it. But Judith’s post was based on this article about an 8 year old girl in Saudi Arabia who was forced into marriage by her father to repay a debt he owed a 50 year old man. So the third grader was basically used as currency between these two adult male¬†nincompoops. I mean, honestly.
There was a happy ending for the child. The husband bowed to social and international pressure and agreed to annul the marriage. (Initially he had agreed that he would not consumate the marriage till the child turned 18.)
But how weird is this story and this divorce? It is the weirdest I have heard yet. I mean, I was a third grade teacher in my past life before I lost my mind and became a blogger and I am having so much trouble wrapping my head around this notion of one of my third grade kids being forced to marry a man almost as old as my father.
There is something very sick about these laws in some parts of the world. It is very, very sick. It’s beyond SICK actually.