BOOK REVIEW: Jewel Kilcher's poem "I'm Writing to Tell You"

I was reading Jewel’s book of poetry, A Night Without Armor and first of all, I love her poetry. I highly recommend getting the book for yourself . I am sure you can still get it at Barnes and Noble even though it was published back in 1998 by Harper Collins….oooh. A thunderstorm in New York at the moment. Love Thunderstorms….!
But. So. I found this one poem “I am writing to tell you” that I thought a typical divorce(e) might agree with. What do you think?

      I’m writing
this letter to tell you
I don’t love you anymore.
I don’t miss you
I never have
The truth is, I
tried but never found
your adoration
anything other than arduous
your niceties cliched
your praise thoughtless
and it has become
unbearably obvious
that you love me with
all the originality
of romance novels;
the manly man weakening
the luscious flower
But do not be sad
nothing is lost
neither of us even loved
the other truly–
you only thought you did
and I only wanted to.

Wow, right? That is probably so true for a lot of people: “you only thought you loved me and I only wanted to love you.” Too bad both people couldn’t have figured that out before taking those vows, right? Too bad.