Should Elizabeth Edwards divorce John Edwards?

So, this is my third post on this and my last, I promise. But should Elizabeth then divorce John after what I said in the other two posts? Hme….I have always maintained that I don’t believe in divorce but that I accept it comes with the marriage these days; and that some marriages should end.
I also feel the decision of whether or not to get a divorce is such a personal decision. What one wife is willing to put up with, another would balk at. Besides, the political marriage is a special animal. Isn’t it? 
Elizabeth’s husband clearly exhibited very reckless behavior given that he could easily have won the presidency and then where would they be now once this came out with all the other distractions the country has to deal with? That is the cringe element for me. Not so much the adultery. That’s Elizabeth’s problem. It’s not my business. But this guy was running for president while he was engaged in this behavior and it is possible he broke the campaign finance laws. It is the brazenness of it. The recklessness that puzzles me.
It is not that I don’t think adultery is serious. It is. But is it a deal breaker necessarily? I don’t know. It depends. He was clearly insensitive in the timing of what he did. But she feels there is enough there that she can cut that one transgression out and move on. (I wonder how many other women he propositioned over the years who had to beat him off with a stick? Boy. This species….)
They have young kids together. She wants to work it out. And he seems to want to work it out. You know what? I think they should give it a courageous push. They should do everything possible to save the marriage and to cure him of his polygamous and hyper-sexed nature. Everybody deserves a second chance. Of course, if this is a pattern of behavior, then there could be serious underlying issues that no amount of therapy can solve. However, for now, I am sure he is very, very contrite.