CONNECTICUT: Did billionaire CEO Peter Brant lock his wife out of the marital residence?

First Marie Douglas David (also a Connecticut divorcee) claimed that her husband George David locked her out of the Avon Connecticut home they shared and now it appears that another Connecticut heavier hitter, former Victorias Secret Model Stephanie Seymour is claiming that her husband, billionaire CEO publisher of Interview Magazine, Peter Brant, has locked her out of the main house (they own a mansion in Greenwich) and so now she’s been reduced to sleeping with the maid.
Connecticut is no fault. So it doesn’t matter if in fact he did lock her out. She can still get a divorce on the basis of irreconcilable differences and call it a day. (In New York that would be a basis for an abandonment divorce.)  But this still should be an issue. How does a spouse lock another out of the marital residence without consequence? I don’t understand that. Certainly, the spouse who’s been excluded can get police protection. What if there are things in the home that they need, like clothing, food, the children? A spouse can’t just unilaterally decide to change the locks on the marital residence like that. That’s crazy.
She should ask for exclusive possession and get him tossed out. It is good that she is holding tight and did not move out because then he could say she gave him exclusive possession by moving out–de facto possession. But she’s staying put. That’s good. Even if it is with the maid. That must be demeaning.
But it could all be rumors anyway. I can’t imagine that he would have or could have locked her out like this.