Bernie Madoff’s secretary Eleanor Squillari: Did she want Bernie to divorce Ruth and marry her?

Eleanor Squillari rats out Bernie Madoff — that’s not love, right?
Quickly browsed Bernie’s secretary’s interview in Vanity Fair yesterday afternoon, and came away wondering if maybe I had imagined it, or whether she sounded…how shall I say?…catty?
I don’t want to say she sounded like she had had a deep seated jealousy directed at Ruth, but I can’t think of a better brush to stroke it with than catty. Deep, green, envy-induced cattiness. It was palpably palpable.
Also, she seems to have felt very affectionate with Bernie and she almost seems to resent the fact that he took the wrap for all these people–including the “perfect” aging Ruth who the secretary kindly informed everyone used to be the bookkeeper (with a big office of her own, no less).  Btw, loved that pic of Bernie in the sweatpant, the red socks and the “Utah ski” tee shirt. Cracked me the heck up. Confirmed what I think of him by and large. A) He’s nuts. and B) he had a sense of humor about it. Which means that C) no matter how much I try, I just can’t hate the man and I can’t vilify him, even though I know that D) what he did was criminally insane.
I mean, on the one hand, I think the secretary did a great public service by coming out and letting us know what really went down in the Lipstick Building.  But on the other hand, the woman in me was just like, hey, wait a minute…this almost sounds like competition. Like a woman who is gloating that her arch rival has finally been brought low where she belongs with a few expletives thrown in for good measure.
It’s not like she wanted Bernie to divorce Ruth and marry her. But it seems to be sort of like she held a simmering resentment toward Ruth for having been the one Bernie married while she had to toil to support her kids on a secretary’s salary. And now, with Ruth unable to even get a hair appointment in Palm Beach (I read somewhere nobody wants her near their salon since it’s bad for morale), it’s almost as if, the secretary is thinking, “bitch!!!”
But I could be wrong. I’ve been known to be over-analytical and hypersensitive and clairvoyant. So don’t mind me. Say, how have you been? I feel as if I haven’t blogged in a dog’s age. I missed you.  🙂
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