Gloria Allred needs to butt out of Octomom's custodial relationship with octuplets

Am incredibly weak with hunger at the moment which means my mood is very sharp and cutting and at any minute, I will say something that is bound to be so politically incorrect, it’s not even gonna be funny. But I just read here and correct me if I’m wrong, that Gloria Allred is trying to get a guardian put on Nadya Suleman?
I was like, is that woman out of her mind? Why is the octomom’s babies any of Gloria Allred’s business? I can see if there is a pattern of abuse or unfit behavior or something. But she just got her kids, and while I can scarcely comprehend the logistics of properly caring for 14 kids myself (I mean my cat seriously challenges me as it stands) it is non of Gloria Allreds darn business how this woman who lugged these octupulets around for nine months without any help from Gloria Allred chooses to run her show!
If she wants to put her kids in a reality show, so what? Other parents have put their kids in shows. That is the parent’s decision! I mean, nobody got a guardian for the Olsen twins or the Gosselins? Or the friggin Duggards. The Duggards have have eighteen fricking kids!!! Gloria Alredd never tried to get a guardian appointed to those kids. How come? What makes this case different?  So what is this about? Oh, right, there was some falling out over the babysitter? So what? this is retaliation or something? Then this is a power play and Gloria’s hands are not clean and she should be ashamed of herself to try to use her power as an attorney and one who is media savvy to blackball this mother before she even has a chance to establish a relationship and routine and life with her kids.
Give her a chance to be a parent like any other. If she messes up, fine. We deal with that when it happens. But this guardianship thing? That’s outrageous. That infringes on her civil rights and that of the kids. That violates her privacy rights AND it is inequal treatment of a similarly situated family of that size. That should be unconstitutional. Sure the kids can’t fend for themselves but they have a MOTHER. Put yourself in Suleman’s shoes. What if you had gotten yourself into the soup she got herself into and got yourself knocked up with 8 kids? Big problem, of course. But you know what? You would find a way to deal. And you would find a way to cope. And the last thing you would want or appreciate is some busy-body like the Gloria Allreds of the world coming in and doing what you are doing–asking the court to appoint a guardian to your kids. THE CHILDREN HAVE A MOTHER AND GRANDPARENTS. LEAVE THEM ALONE!!! OMG.
I feel very strongly about this. I think Gloria is out of line and needs to mind her own business on this issue. Step away from the octuplets, Gloria!
They. are. not. your. kids. They are not your problem. They are not your responsibility. They are not your business.
Notwithstanding anything I’ve said that seems contrary to this in the earlier months of my analysis of the octuplet issue, I think this woman should be left alone to raise her kids. GIVE HER A CHANCE. Let her do her thing. It wasn’t a life that any of us would have chosen but she did. And it is her choice. Now all of sudden everybody and their mother want to butt in and get a piece? That is just…that is phockery. And it’s foul. And I don’t like it. And the fact that she is a single mother is factoring into this and it is making me angry.  Leave single mothers alone!!! Treat them the way you would treat a woman with a husband dammit. She is just as capable and she is just as virtuous and she is just as entitled to raise her children in peace. This is very annoying what that lawyer is doing out in California. She is really, really out of her place and stepping out of bounds. I don’t like it.
Now. I gotta eat before I say something I will later regret.