Is your soon to be ex's divorce attorney a nasty prick?

I don’t know what the word “prick” means, but I think it means a person who is not very nice. Actually, hang on. Let me confirm that before I get myself in trouble….well, I don’t see it in the exact context of a “noun” but as a verb it means to “impel or incite” and frankly that is exactly what I think of  “nasty prick” divorce attorneys, or anybody who is nasty and prickish. They incite and impel me to say unchristian, unladylike things that often start with the letter “F” I hate pricks. All pricks.
But you know what? Why should we allow the pricks of the Earth to impel and incite us to curse our own mothers? You know its all an act and a persona, a stage play that many lawyers put on for their clients. Some lawyers are better at this stage presence than others. I mean, lawyers have different talents. Some write well. Some prick well in a courtroom.
Sometimes, I wonder if maybe a client’s interest are better served with two lawyers. The good writers. And the pricks. Because I can tell you this: No matter how brilliant a writer your lawyer is, if he or she is not a prick in court? You could have a problem. I could be wrong, but I have observed, as a general rule, that judges respond better to courtroom pricks than to good writers.
Give the prick the good writer’s brief and let the prick do the talking. I think you would be better off by far.
But, god, I hate pricks. I really, really, hate pricks.