Are inter-racial marriages more likely to end in divorce?

I don’t have the factual stats on this, so I probably shouldn’t even try to assume, cause you know what they say about that. But I would say that I wouldn’t be surprised if, in fact, there is a higher divorce rate among interracial couples than couples of the same race. Why? Well, I think that even if the couple are totally in love, there are insidious and latent prejudices that linger in all human beings and there are also hard to break cultural habits and beliefs that separate groups not just by geography, but also by skin topography. And as much as you may be in love in the beginning, once the natural tolls of marriage start to do their dance, I think the differences of race (and culture, etc) will only be amplified and so there are all these extra burdens than just the normal wear and tear of marriage and, so, couples in interracial marriages may be more likely to give up and get a divorce.
But. There is another way to look at it. I think it is also possible that couples in interracial marriages know they have a higher burden to carry as far as pulling off the marriage, and so, they may work harder at it. They may forgive more of the other normal wear and tear. They may just be more committed from the start to defy the prejudices and the skepticism of society and to fight for their love. And that might actually cause the marriage to outlast others between persons of the same race.
I can see this going either way. I guess, like anything else, it depends on the two people.