Veronica Lario's competition is only 18 years old (Noemi Letizia); did she sign a prenuptial agreement?

According to BBC News  the Berlusconis are battling in the court of public opinion over his extra-marital dalliances and his total lack of discretion and his machismo/chauvinistic approach to treating his wife in the marriage. Will it have political implications for the Italian prime minister and billionaire, Mr. Silvio Berlusconi? Probably not. But I just wonder if Veronica signed a prenup?…
Actually, let me stay with this one more second. What does a 72 year old need an 18 year old for?  Is that a loaded question? There I go again. Always with the loaded questions….
But. So. The prenup. They have been together 29 years but married for only 18 years or so. That is a long term marriage by any definition. Did they sign a prenup? I think probably not. The laws in Italy with respect to divorce seems very nascent. They are still toddlers when compared to more divorce sophisticate sisters like England and America. And, so, I would be really surprised if they had ironed out their laws as they pertain to prenuptial agreements and things like that. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Italian legislature found prenups void for public policy.
In which case, Veronica will be cleaning up like a bandit. You know, the rebel in me just loves it when a wife cleans up like a bandit after divorce.
Yes, I know it’s sexist and inappropriate to say that. Because if the tables were turned and the husband cleaned up, I’d be crying foul. I know myself. But what can I say? I’m just a woman. And when the wife takes him to the cleaners? If she was wronged? I luuuvvve it.
I know what? I better stop…

How are you, dear reader? I hope you are having a wonderful day. And smile. Cause life could always we worse. Okay?  🙂