OKLAHOMA: David Rockey gets hit with divorce from wife Peggy Rockey even though he claims rocky patch in marriage drove him to pull a 7 year disappearing act

In 2002 David Rocky left his wife and two sons claiming he was going on a job interview. In fact, he was leaving them because he was “depressed with his life”.  He drove   moved to South Dakota and has been living there since. But police tracked him down and his wife Peggy, though relieved and surprised he’s not dead, is definitely not amused. She’s filed for divorce. http://www.newson6.com/Global/story.asp?S=10328851
Wow. Right? I mean, I understand about depression. But how do you put your family through something like that? Why not just man up and ask for a separation or divorce? Or just tell your wife you’re moving away for a while?
He probably reduced her life by at least 15 years with the stress he caused deep in her tissues when she had no idea what happened to him.  She would have been eligible for an Enoch Arden annulment here in New York, btw (“how to divorce a dead spouse” post). http://www.divorcesaloon.com/need-to-divorce-a-missing-spouse-who-you-suspect-is-dead-enoch-arden
But now that he re-appeared before she filed,  she has to go for a regular divorce. I hear she is using cruelty as the grounds and I can’t say I blame her.
That is cruel. And selfish. If he was so unhappy, at least tell her. Don’t let her worry and leave her to raise the kids all alone without any help. That is selfish and cruel and cowardly. I think.