UK: Divorce attorney extraordinaire Fiona Shackleton goes at it again!

In New York, there are several top guru divorce attorneys and I believe we did a post on here about New York Magazine’s picks for the top divorce lawyers in the state. (Notice how they conspicuously left me off the list?)
But none of them seem to have the fame of UK’s Fiona Shackleton. She is the lawyer who not only repped Madonna when she divorced Guy Ritchie, she also repped Sir Paul McCartney when he divorced Heather Mills (and Heather poured a jug of water on her head!)
And she represented Prince Charles when he divorced Princess Diana.
She doesn’t only represent the famous. She goes for the rich too.  She is repping Nicolas Granatino, the former husband of the German heiress Katrin Radmacher in his divorce from the German Heiress.
They call her “Steele Magnolia” over there. God, I wish I could be steely like Fiona!
Now, there are rumours she will represent a reality tv star in Britain named Katie Price from her husband whom she met on a reality tv show, Peter Andre (a singer). Don’t know these two. But they were on “I’ m a celebrity get me out of here” in England.