Are you a bad person for wanting a divorce?

This question was posed to us the other day and I thought it might make a good blog post. Are you a bad person for wanting a divorce? Are you Catholic? If you’re Catholic, then yes. You are a bad person and you better go to confession and do your penance….LOL….well, I’m not sure how to answer this. I think it depends on the reason for you seeking a divorce. In your soul, you know if your hands are “clean” and if they are “dirty”. If you have clean hands but the marriage just didn’t work, and you have done everything you can humanly do to hold on to the marriage, I think God will forgive you. But if you have dirty hands and you have done things that are wrong to your spouse and that are directly related to you seeking this divorce? And that you are the malfeasor and the tortfeasor in this implosion of your marriage? Then, yes, I think you are a bad person for wanting and seeking this divorce.
It all depends on your endgame and what your reasons are and how you do it. I think.
Maybe you’re just a bad person, period. In which case, wanting the divorce won’t really add anything to your already tarnished cachet.
But if you are a good person who just happens to want a divorce? And your hands are clean? As are all other parts of your anatomy? Just say 10 Hail Marys, 25 Our Fathers, and get on with it. But do it in a kosher way that instills minimum pain on the victim spouse.
But if you are a good person with dirty hands? Girrrrrl. That is the worse. When you know better and you fail to do better, that is the worse. Believe me. Well look. You can always “blame it on the alcohol/Sangria.” (Sorry, couldn’t resist, it’s a Jamie Foxx single)