Do godparents have legal rights after a divorce?

As a general rule, in New York certainly, only parents have a legal right to custody and visitation with their children. Grandparents (as opposed to godparents) may have a right to visitation if they bring a writ of habeas corpus or order to show cause to prove standing and then get a hearing on the merits. And they may petition for custody on the death or incapacity of a parent. Or if there is parental neglect and things like that.
So to answer the question posed by a reader, I am not aware of any law that would bound a parent to allow a “godparent” to see the kids after divorce. I assume a scenario like that would occur if all parties were friends during the marriage and then people are forced to take sides after a divorce?
It’s a tough scenario. But I don’t think a god parent would have “standing” under normal circumstances — especially if the parents are alive and the custodial parent objects. I could be wrong on this though; I have never seen a case where god parents are petitioning for visitation rights but I am sure it has happened. If it has, I am sure they lost. I could be wrong.  I don’t think I am . But I could be. It would be weird. Because I don’t even think extended family members have any legal rights where a parent objects; or, that extended family members even have standing to petition for a hearing. But this “best interest of the child” standard can have global application. So. Who knows.
Globally, this may be different in places like England where having godparents are still de riguer. But here in New York? I can’t even tell the last time I met someone who had a godparent. That trend went the way with my godfather, Mr. Ostrey. He disappeared when I was about six. My parents tell me he’s roaming the mountainous glaciers of Canada (true story). That may explain a lot. Oh, and my godmother? She liked my “refined” sister “B” best and she dismissed me as a ruffian pickanniny.  So you know. I’m not particularly particular about godparents. If you’re a godparent and you need to see your godkids, I feel your pain but I just don’t think you have a legal leg to stand on with this one.
But, as I said, I could be wrong. Challenge me. Bring a petition and lets see what happens.