How to divorce an alcoholic

How does one divorce an alcoholic? Hme….well, put him in Alcoholics Anonymous and then pull a disappearing act like that guy in Oklahoma did, what’s his face? Rockey. His last name was Rockey. Check out the post here:
No, seriously. This guy in UK is divorcing his celeb wife because he allegedly said that when she drinks she’s….well, I guess she is unpredictable. I did a post on them here:¬†because the wife is being repped by London’s top dog Steel Magnolia Fiona Shackleton. (Fiona repped Sir Paul McCartney, Prince Charles and Madonna to name a few heavy weights)
So how does one divorce an alcoholic? In New York, alcoholism in and of itself is not even a grounds for divorce. Nor is drug addiction, by the way. You are stuck. Unless you can prove one of the 6 grounds for divorce (is it 7?) which are cruelty, adultery, abandonment, imprisonment, separation (2 forms), and….there’s one more….shizo. can’t remember.
But in any event, you would have to argue one of those to divorce this charming alcoholic you are married to. I am thinking you can fit it under cruelty. I am sure that when he or she gets going, cruelty starts to emanate. So I would go for a cruelty ground–in New York.
In other states just do it the way you would do any other divorce, “irreconcilable differences.”
Globally? I don’t know. I would have to research this. I am sure the laws are all over the map on this one.
But get this: alcholics may be good people, but you shouldn’t feel bad for not wanting to be married to one.