Will 66 yr old UK divorcee Elizabeth Adeney ignite a Gloria-Vanderbiltesque custody battle?

England: Custody and the “old” mother (by in vitro)
I don’t mean to sound uncouth and if I do, please forgive me. It’s this blog. It makes me say things in a very uncouth manner sometimes. There is my writer side and there is my speaker side….oh wait. Actually, maybe there isn’t such a huge disconnect between the two. I am uncouth. I AM UNCOUTH!
But I am not off my rocker, no matter what anybody tells you.  I just enjoy blogging and saying off the wall things to shock and provoke. But maybe I only shock and provoke myself. Maybe I’m tame when I’d like to think of myself as bad ass. Not!
Well, anyway, a 66 year old broad in England (a divorcee) is preggers. By IVF which she got in the Ukraine since the practice is BANNED in the UK for women over 50 years of age. She is rich, and she has reportedly already hired a live in nanny. And to be fair, she doesn’t look 66. I give her about 50- at most. But should she be having kids at that age? And will this possibly trigger custody issues? In other words, will her younger sibling try to take the child away sort of the way Gloria Vanderbilt’s aunt sued Gloria’s mother for custody of Gloria–and won? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1182919/A-baby-66-desperate-divorcee-set-Britains-oldest-mother.html
Yes, I know the Gloria Vanderbilt story was very different in that her aunt petitioned for custody and won and Gloria became a ward of her aunt’s due to her mother’s wasteful spending of her inheritance.
In the case of 66 year old, rich English business woman Elizabeth Adeney, that won’t be an issue. She worked hard for her money for one thing (unlike Gloria’s mother who was spending Gloria’s inheritance) and for another thing, well, it’s just a different kind of situation.
But I’m just saying that at the age of 66, she will be 71 by the time the kid hits kindergarten. Is that in the child’s best interest to have a mother (and only parent!) who is that far along on the age spectrum? Or could her age standing alone be a reason for her younger family members to stop in and say she is “unfit”?
Or is this type of thing (like gay marriage) the wave of the new world/order we can ne’er control, that is slamming into us at 6 million miles per minute?