Is your teenager angry because you got divorced?

Everybody gets angry sometimes. And there are all these different triggers that can affect people in different ways.
I know for me, I am the sweetest, zaniest, funniest person you could meet, but once my buttons are pushed in the wrong way by the wrong bullies,  it gets ugly pretty quick. I’ve got a cyberbully as I’ve said. I’ve narrowed the perp down to two people I had the misfortune to come into contact with  and I am watching closely, just waiting for her to trip up.  FBI, baby. Keep it coming….I got your number!… you know, (sorry for this digression but I have to say this) it’s not like she and I shared the same boyfriend,  so I just don’t get what her beef is…you know?…. Doesn’t she have a life? Where does she get time to bother with a nonentity like me? And my little blog? Honestly? And then she pranks me. She takes the time to prank me? What? Girrrl, you still remember me? After all this time? That’s intense. Look, I wish you happiness and no time to bother with a non-threat like me. No, I really do… Happy people act in certain ways and you’re definitely not a happy person and I feel sad for you. Have a Sangria, or something, and let this blogger in peace. Cause I”m a good person and he said I was cute and out of respect for you I rebuffed him. I rebuffed him (yes, I thought he was cute but I rebuffed him anyway) So leemee alone! Find your true rivals. They are all around you and I’m not the one. P E A C E. 
But anyhoo…. I shouldn’t use this blog to vent like this….This post is about the anger of teenagers whose parents get divorced and leave them feeling displaced, with all their buttons pushed at the same time. Poor little babies. I think this is probably the very worse time for parents to get divorced is when you are a teenager. Well, I guess it isn’t much fun at any age but to have to deal with that plus the usual teenage angst? Ugh.
What can be done for these kids? They definitely should be in counseling I would say. But I just think it is so important to their sense of continuity and identity if their parents keep them out of this divorce mess. They are under enough stress just dealing with the fact that life as they know it will never be the same. But to force them to choose sides? Even if they do choose a side, I would bet my last buck that they are hurting badly inside, and the only way you will know it is when they start throwing the furniture, drinking, hanging out with the wrong crowd, or just disrespecting teachers or parents or anyone of authority and everybody else besides.
I guess I would say even where the teenager seems fine, they should be getting counseling when parents up and pull the rug from under them by getting divorced for no good reason (that the teenager can understand.)
The poor kids feel like you’ve taken their happiness. And they kind of hate you for it. How would you feel if someone took your happiness?
sorry about the venting but I just had to get that out  🙂