OHIO: Ohio Divorce judge Leslie Ann Celebrezze must step down

OHIO: Divorce and family law judge Leslie Ann Celebrezze who sits on the Ohio Supreme Court, and whose father was also a judge in the same district may have to step down not due to nepotism per se, but because according to Chief Justice Thomas Moyer, “judicial rules require judges to remove themselves from cases in which a close relative also has acted as a judge because of the potential for bias.”
I think that is a fair assessment, don’t you. And what about the whole appearance of nepotism when a daughter inherits the bench of her father due to his retirement? I mean, it’s not that easy to get a gig as a judge to begin with. So how convenient that she and her father are both judges in the same county/circuit. But now she wants all his cases too? And she doesn’t see what is wrong with that? She is quoted as saying:  “having her withdraw from all cases handled by her father would harm justice and court efficiency.” So says the Associated Press.
Whatever. That’s all I’m going to say on this. WHATEVER.