UK's Brian Myerson had "common law" wife

What is a common law wife? Check out a previous post here for some clues:
Well. Remember the post we did about the financier in the UK (Brian Myerson) who tried to get his settlement agreement re-negotiated on account of the recession? If not check here:
Well, it turns out that all along, Mr. Myerson was shacking up with another woman and had a son with her while he was married to his wife. So he had two wives the little racoon. Well, one was just a common law wife, but still. That is not particularly scandalous. It’s just the contemporaneousness of it all. He would actually take vacations and have both families on the same vacation staying doors away from one another. The wife had no clue about the Mistress according to the Independent’s article read it here but come back to us when you are done:
But so, here’s an interesting quote from the common law wife holder: “There is a certain class of women today who contribute nothing to the family wealth and then expect 50 per cent on divorce.”
That is interesting because it is an issue I am covering in one of my screenplays at the moment. And I think it is a valid question. Should a wife or husband get half just by virtue of the marriage if they didn’t really contribute anything? After all, did you marry the person or the person’s money. No, I don’t think this conflicts with what I said here:
Should he get out of the settlement agreement now that we know the backstory? With the common law wife thingy while he was already married? I don’t know. Maybe one does not have to do with the other. Two separate issues, right? Even if he was the worse polygamist, the fact is if the recession has decimated his wealth, it has decimated his wealth. And future payments perhaps should be renegotiated?…
…I don’t know.
I’ve chopped my hair and I hate it.
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