When mom and dad divorce and you're a grown up should it hurt?

Listening to QXR: Chopin Piano Concerto No. 1 in E Minor…Thinking I really need to put up an “intelligent” post soon that actually involves the “law” as it relates to divorce. Haven’t done that in a while.
But for now, the question, when your mom and dad divorce and you’re a grown up, how are you supposed to take that? I would think that would be super weird if you are over 30 and your parents have always been married to each other and all of a sudden, these 60 somethings decide they want to end their marriage. I mean, what is that? You know? Like, what do you mean you want a divorce? You can’t have one.
I mean, it is true that some couples stay together out of habit, or out of fear of the unknown. And some of them get up one day and decide, you know what? The kids are grown and gone. They have their own families. We are here, stuck in this thing and we both know it hasn’t been working for the last 40 years. The only person who is impressed by the longevity of this marriage is the outside world who don’t know the hell we are living just because we are “religious” or “afraid” to get a divorce.
In a situation like that, I am sure the adult children also know the truth that their parents may not be all that “happy” and so it doesn’t exactly come as a shock.
But there is another subset of folks who are naive and who think their parents are blissfully happy and come to find out, they were not all these years. They were only pretending. Still, a divorce in this scenario can blindside the adult children.¬† And I would understand if they felt devastated or even betrayed. Cause, don’t we all look to our parents as rocks of Gibraltar? And on their marriage as the benchmark of what our own should be? And the longer they hang on to their marriage, the more responsible they become, I think, for our dependence on that stability to continue.
I would personally feel that a parental divorce after all those years of marriage belied all those years of matrimony that I grew to admire and depend on, and hold sacrosanct. I would be very devastated on a personal level, as an adult, if my folks up and called it quits on their marriage. You know? So I understand if there are other adults out there who feel great pain from a situation like this.
But, one octogenarian told me (on consultation) that she wanted “quality of life now. She had spent enough unhappy years in the marriage and it really came down to the fact that¬† she wants quality of life…”