How to divorce the "princess"

First off, when a man makes a comment like “what do you think you are, a princess?” Or, “you’re not a princess,” or “stop acting like a princess” I think a woman should run for her life. Immediately. In any successful marriage (and I’ve never married for obvious reasons) but in any successful marriage, I would think a man would naturally think of his wife as his Queen, his princess, his life, his world, his significant other, his baby, EVERYTHING. I mean, this is what I think intuitively, that it should be about.  Isn’t that what it’s about?! I mean, for chrissakes?
A man who ridicules a woman for “acting like a princess” is a major nightmare waiting to happen down the road for her. He’s telling you a lot about how he thinks of you when he says that. Because what is a princess? A princess is a special person. She is privileged, pampered, indulged and special, sweet, pretty and forever sixteen. People tend to want to know all about the princess and to look up to the princess and treat the princess a certain way and to even secretly wish that she could be a princess. A man who asks his wife or girlfriend, “do you think you’re a princess” is basically asking you, “you think you’re so special? You’re not that special to me, missy. Let me bring you down a few notches where you belong.”
For you? A man like this? FROG. CAD. A.H.  MR. WRONG. Oh, he may one day meet a woman he’ll happily make his princess. But you? Nah ah. He is going to hurt, disrespect, demean, belittle and debase you by the time he kicks you and all your self-esteem to the curb sometime in the future. Any man who thinks your not all that special is not a man you need to waste even five minutes on. You can waste five minutes, five years, 50 years. If he thinks your not that special, you are wasting your time and energy on him no matter how long you stay. He will reduce you to your least common denominator. You’re a ten by yourself? When he is through with you you will be negative nine. Lemme me tell you. He’ll knock that princess right out of you, girl. Yep…till there is nothing left.
So, the first rule of thumb is, if a man ever uses the word “princess” in referring to you as if it is perjorative, GET OUT OF THAT RELATIONSHIP. HE’S THE WRONG MAN FOR YOU. DO NOT MARRY HIM. DO. NOT. MARRY. HIM.
There are another class of men who naturally think their wife is a queen and a princess and it shows. I can tell you with great confidence that, at least as of today, Barack Obama thinks his wife is a princess. You can tell by the way he treats her and looks at her and how he defers to her, and how he single handedly got America to love and respect her. Michelle Obama is Barack Obama’s princess. He would never ask her “you think you’re some kind of princess?”  No, no. Instead, when he comes home at the end of the day, he goes, “where is my princess? Where is my queen?” Check out this link for proof:
And it shouldn’t be forced. It shouldn’t be work. It shouldn’t be sarcasm. It shouldn’t be after all these lengthy discussions. There’s nothing to talk about. Either he thinks of you as his princess or he doesn’t. You will know if that is truly how he feels about you by the way he treats you, not what he calls you. It is what he says with his words, deeds, eyes and by his omissions too. Princess is a verb. And an adjective. And a noun. It all encompasses how a man feels about a woman. If he marries you when he feels this way, he will never divorce you. You have a keeper. And arguably, no woman should get married to a man who doesn’t feel this way about her. Cause as a divorce attorney, I can tell you with great accuracy how that is going to end up.
If he asks you “you think you are a princess?” and you still marry him? When he divorces you  (and he will divorce you)? It will be really ugly. There is nothing uglier than a man who divorces a woman who he referred to as a princess in a pejorative way while married to her. There will be nothing dignified about it.
Now, one caveat: If he treats you like a princess and you treat him terribly and without respect and you take advantage, and you do not reciprocate his affections? That is also a brand of ugliness in the courtroom that nobody should have to witness.
I guess the key is for him to see you as his princess and for you to see him as your prince. Yes, I know it sounds PollyAnnaish. But I really think if that’s not how you both feel from the very beginning? Don’t marry each other cause it’s not going to last. You will end up getting a divorce.
But yea. Every woman should be a PRINCESS to her man, no discussion required. That is an absolute non-negotiable and a prerequisite for a successful marriage in my humble opinion. Wait…. This post was how to divorce a princess. I guess I don’t know. Cause I don’t cater to this ideology of using the word “princess” as a pejorative to describe one’s wife in the first place.