Speaking of Continental airlines pilots/lawsuit….and pot

Just read the story of how about a decade ago, Continental Airlines was forced to sue a vengeful ex-wife who laced her husband’s bread with pot and caused him to lose his job. The husband had consumed gobs of bread baked by his ex wife days before he failed the drug test!  Hysterical, no? Well, actually not cause he was piloting  a plane after she did that. He didn’t have a Sully Sullenberger incident, but still. He could have and then what? What would have been his judgment when under the influence like that? You know? But it was kind of funny that she did that especially since I recently got into baking bread myself…it’s not the fact that she laced the bread is funny. It’s the fact that I am now a bakeress myself and it just never occurred to me to do something like that but now that I read that, I am forever corrupted.
But the pair are now divorced. Wonder why? And after two appeals brought by his union, the husband got reinstated in his job after the wife, very “bigly”, confessed. Read the article here: http://www.ndsn.org/feb97/airline.html and come back to www.divorcesaloon.com. Honestly, can we afford to trust ANYONE?
Oh, and link to our other Continental Airlines lawsuit here:  about how Continental is suing some of it’s own pilots for getting SHAM DIVORCES. Things that make you shake your head, huh?  http://www.ndsn.org/feb97/airline.html