Retired NYPD cop John Galtieri gets life in prison for murder of ex-wife, Jeanne Kane

Chilling story we reported on back in January here: has an update.
Now, John Galtieri has been sentenced to life in prison for the shooting death of his wife. He was reportedly angry that she got more than half his pension in a divorce settlement. He had been accused of beating her for over two decades and I guess the judge found his conduct “egregious”. If the judge finds “egregious” conduct in a marriage, then the judge can order that one spouse’s equitable distribution will be more than 50% of the marital assets, no matter who the title spouse is. The judge can even give one spouse everything and the other nothing. That could be considered “fair” depending on how “egregious” the other spouse’s conduct was. This is one of the issues we tackled in our screenplay I WANT A DIVORCE, this issue of “egregious conduct.”
But may Jeanne Kane rest in peace….
See New York Daily News Report on the story here: