Are divorcing CEO’s of major corps. answerable to shareholders for disclosing corporate secrets to their wives?

This question came to me after I read an article in the Wall Street Journal yesterday that George David, former CEO of UTC (United Technology Corp) allegedly used to discuss business deals with his wife, Countess Marie. In fact, this issue is expected to become front and center in their divorce trial when it resumes in July. (FYI: Marie’s in Sweden sharpening her blades as we speak with her new beau Johan Saxon.)
The question now is, how much influence did Marie wield in the running of the publicly traded company? And did  CEO, George David somehow breach his fiduciary duties to shareholders by discussing corporate business with his bed mate? I mean, after all, he was hired as the CEO not his spouse. Do shareholders realistically have a right to control what is discussed in the marital chamber? I mean, does a CEO in David’s position have a fiduciary duty to keep his mouth shut about corporate matters and keep his wife (no matter that she’s an aerospace analyst) out of any and all biz talks?
I’m just wondering.