CALIFORNIA: With Prop 8 upheld will same sex couples who want out of their marriage, remain in divorce limbo?

So if marriage between gays is illegal, what about divorce? Can those same sex couples who got married in the State get a divorce in the state? Obviously, California and other states have agreed to give full faith and credit to those already married but they have basically declared all future marriages between couples of the same gender verboten.  So one is left wondering, can they divorce? And if so, will their property be subject to community property laws like “married couples” Or not? I guess I know the answer to that question. Of course it would be subject to whatever laws other marriages are subject to. They have sort of been “grandfathered in.” It is all the people who didn’t take advantage of the law prior to prop 8 that have to worry.  So no, I don’t see how they would remain in divorce limbo. If they want a divorce, they more than likely would be able to get one. I suspect though, that folks like that would never want to divorce. Because it is so rare and such a “privilege” for them to have had the chance to marry, they are going to hang on to the marriage with everything they’ve got, sort of like the way one would hang on to a rent-stabilized apartment on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. I mean, that’s good stock. You know what I mean?