Astrology and Divorce: Does your Zodiac sign predispose you to divorce?

Are there any stats on this, do you know? I can hear all the men cringe just reading the tag line on this one. They like to pretend they don’t believe in astrology. Whatever.¬† Well, I thought it was an interesting post idea. I just don’t happen to know if there are any stats on how divorce and astrology intersect.
I would imagine they would, though. Some signs just are incompatible. For me, I could never marry a Leo. Or a Gemini. Or a Sagittarius. Or an Aries. It would just be a disaster. And Libra too. I couldn’t marry a Libra. The key to marriage, as I’ve said ad nauseum on this blog, is compatibility. Some people think that Astrology is nonsense and it probably is, but not all of it. There is something to it. Some people born at certain times of the year¬† just affect me a certain way. Sagittarius cracks me up, big time. But is incredibly insensitive and marriage would be a disaster because I am hypersensitive. Leo? Oh my word. Especially the July ones? I don’t even want to talk about it. Gemini is too cunning for me; I could never keep up with the mind games and deception cause I’m too straightforward and clueless. Gemini would destroy my sanity. Aries? Either they will kill me or I will kill them. And Libra is way too wishy washy and flirtatious. But enough about me. What about you and your astrological predisposition for divorce?
Well, I don’t know. I’m not an astrologist. But I can tell you why each sign would be predisposed to divorce:
Leo–It’s all about them
Cancer — clingy
Gemini – deceitful
Libra — Wishy washy commitment phobes who are decisionally challenged.
Sagittarius–They secretly don’t like marriage. They want to be free.
Virgo–to much of a perfectionist
Aquarius–blame it on the alcohol at all the parties
Pisces – they need all this artificial (and illegal) stimulation all the time.
Capricorn–hypersensitive workaholic
Scorpio –a sex fiend who can never be satisfied
Taurus–stubborn mofo who can’t yield for nothing even if it means saving the marriage.
(I’m working on stopping with the curse words but for now, there you have it.)