MUMBAI, INDIA: Ujjwala Raut's divorce: Do the courts of Mumbai have jurisdiction over a Manhattan marriage?

An Indian super model Ujjwala Raut’s and her British husband, Craig Maxwell Sterry who married in Manhattan in the mid 1990’s are reportedly in divorce court in Mumbai. This according to the Times of India.¬† Says the Indian Times:


The Mumbai Family Court has rejected a plea by supermodel Ujjwala Raut’s British husband, Craig Maxwell Sterry, that Indian courts have no jurisdiction to entertain a divorce petition under the Foreign Marriages Act as the two had exchanged marriage vows in Manhattan.

The bride is an Indian national and they are domiciled in the country. It seems the husband is staying at her Goa beach house and she is staying in Mumbai. He wants the case thrown out because he feels the Indian courts are incompetent to handle this international divorce pretty much. But the Mumbai court, according to the Times of India article, basically said, “hogwash. If one of the two people are Indian citizens and they are domiciled in India at the time the divorce is filed, of course we have jurisdiction, Mr. Sterry. You’re just trying to be slick.”
The bride is alleging mental cruelty and other wrongs. Which makes me think that India is basically a “fault” jurisdiction like New York.¬† Which makes sense, I guess, for such a conservative country.