The Jon & Kate Gosselin divorce escaped us…oooh!

Who are Jon and Kate Gosselin? Why is everybody talking about them getting divorced? I have gathered they have a bunch of kids, like octuplets or something? And they are calling it quits? And they have a TV show of some sort? Sorry, don’t have a television so don’t watch TV shows but why are they such a hot item in the news these days? Jon and Kate. I saw the pictures of them just now. They don’t have compatible faces. Jon totally looks like the wrong man for Kate to me; or Kate looks like the wrong woman for Jon. She seems more sophisticated. He seems more…well, not as sophisticated. But I guess love doesn’t care how you look. Although, I think there is something to the science of our faces. I think a person’s face does say a lot about them, and that even with that, one ought to look for clues before getting married. I wonder what’s going to happen to all those kids? Are they going to split custody?