"That Girl Emily" is a blog written by a woman whose husband committed "marital treason" by cheating with her best friend Laura

When your husband commits marital treason by cheating with your best friend
This is gripping stuff. I couldn’t stop reading it. But it seems she stopped abruptly, which is too bad cause I think it would have made a great movie staring Jennifer Anniston Check it out here: http://thatgirlemily.blogspot.com/2006/06/hi.html
But didn’t Emily read my post about when Best Friends steal your husband? No woman can be trusted with your man ladies. Not your mother, sister, best friend, worse enemy, neighbor, classmate, the phocking girl at the check out counter at CVS–NOBODY. Nobody!!!
If it has a vajayjay (Unless you are Oprah and Gayle) don’t trust it with your man. Cause your man is polygamous by nature; and unless he’s gay, any woman is fair game for him, no matter what fabrication he whispers in your delectable little ears while skylarking with you in the bedroom chamber. What part of that are you having trouble processing?  And you can check out this post I wrote last winter here: http://www.divorcesaloon.com/when-your-best-friend-steals-your-husband