Sandra Boss & Clark "Rockefeller" on divorce and child kidnapping…and impersonating rich people

Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter aka Clark Rockefeller’s on trial for….
Well, whatever he’s on trial for, it is an amazing 411, isn’t it? How he fooled this Harvard grad and affluent socialite/London  based business consultant, Sandra Boss for 12 years, married her, had a pretty little daughter with her, and pretended to be Rockefeller progeny. Then once she started to suspect him after years of being controlled by him, and him forcing her to work while he remained a “house husband”, she hired a private investigator and found out that she’s been duped for 12 years! The man ain’t no Rockefeller. He a con artist!  
Then poor Sandra files for divorce and gets custody. But then he kidnaps the child and moves to Baltimore and gets arrested….and now he’s on trial and his lawyer says he’s crazy.
All I can say is thank god for the Hague Convention for Sandra’s sakes. And thank god he wasn’t that crazy to “hurt” the child. But I guess my big question is, how do you stay married to a man for 12 years and not realize sooner that he is not who he says he is? Not that I’m blaming her. She’s the victim. But it’s mind-blowing how he could get away with that for so long. Especially when he decided to stay home and be a house husband? That would have clued me in right there. I am not into this house husband business. House husband? What hell is that?! My grand father, my great grandfather, my father, all the men I know would feel like their self-worth as a man is taken if they stayed home and sent their wives to work. What is that? House husband? What is that? Honestly? I see so many of them these days in the park at noon pushing the baby carriages as if they are wives and I tell you, I just feel… a woman, I would feel de-womanized by this situation. Confused. I would feel like I’m the man in the relationship and that is not a sexy thought. At all.  You know what I’m saying? House husband? HOUSE HUSBAND? For God’s sakes, folks. Please.
I guess I just haven’t evolved enough. I am much too much of a traditionalist. I don’t know how to change my mindset. Or maybe I’m just not intelligent and rich enough. It seems to happen in the socialite, affluent set like Sandra Boss and her Rockefeller beau more than regular blue collar folks like myself. In which case, thank god I’m neither intelligent, socialite, or rich.
House husband? You muss be crazy. Heeeeellllllllllllll to the no!