Are bridezillas more likely to end up getting divorced?

Bridezillas probably do end up getting divorced at a higher rate because, arguably, just the mere fact that they were bridezillas suggest that they may have gone into the marriage with the wrong priorities. Or does it?
I mean, every girl probably dreams of her wedding day since she was in Kindergarten and it is a special day–Her day–to be sure. And, I feel that nobody should get in a woman’s face and tell her how to run her wedding show. Really. I just feel like all those people who castigated Star Jones for being a “bridezilla” needed to mind their own business. Because it was her day and if she wanted an over the top nuptial, for whatever reason, that is her choice.
But at the same time, even though I think it’s a woman’s choice to do her wedding exactly the way she feels, I do wonder whether the fact that a woman might be a “bridezilla” (I actually don’t even like that terminology) but does the fact that she was seen as that predispose her to divorce? And if so, why? Is it a question of priorities and motivation? Or is it just a jinx to have an overthetop wedding like that? Or do you just get jinxed and wigged out by all the jealous people commenting on your wedding (cause they couldn’t have afforded it if they wanted to) and then their bad wishes and vibes become self fullfilling?