Could you push your spouse to suicide by asking for divorce?

Where did I get this idea for a post? It might have been on Google search or maybe it was reading about the 72 year old “Kung fu” actor David Carradine who was found hung in a Thai Hotel.
But it seemed a plausible question, anyways. Can you push your spouse to suicide by asking for divorce? I imagine if your spouse was experiencing a lot of hardships and problems–such as loss of a job, illness, or depression–and you went in and asked to be let out of the marriage, it could cause your spouse to really feel like life was hopeless. This is not your fault, of course. And you have to do what is best for you and each of us is responsible for our own mental health.
But, I mean, people can and do push others to desperate actions. And you know your situation best. If there are things going on that could push your spouse over the edge, maybe you ought to consider the timing of asking to end the marriage. I mean, you can be selfish and look out just for yourself. But you know what? Even if you do get the divorce and then your spouse commits suicide–even if it’s not your fault that your spouse was mentally off like that? The guilt will destroy you for the rest of your life. In which case, you will have no peace and no freedom.
I don’t think a spouse should basically emotionally hijack another by weilding the threat of suicide over the other spouse’s head. Of course not. But you have to weigh the individual situation. And always, always, be human about it. Cause, how fragile we all are. And sometimes, you have to just sacrifice your freedom a little longer and wait for this other person to get stronger before you add another thing on the back of the camel. You know?
Sorry. Don’t mean to preach….