The last time you and your spouse had sex before one of you filed for divorce….

Oh, wait. I have to run to the the loo. I’ll be right back….
Okay. So, I just wonder if people remember their last time with their ex spouse? I mean, nobody forgets their first time, right? So, I just wondered if people remember the last time they made love to their spouse before they got divorced? I’m sorry. I’M SORRY. JUST ASKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alright. Forget it.
Speaking of this treacherous slippery slope of a subject, I was just reading on the Smoking Gun about David Carradine, the 72 year old Kung Fu actor who was found dead in a Thai hotel today, from hanging? He was naked in the closet! I was distressed when I read that. I immediately thought he had committed suicide and I linked to a Reuters story about him in the piece I just did on suicide. 
But then, I happened to just Google him and came up on this Smoking Gun website. And it seems that dating all the way back to 2001? His ex-wife Marina had mentioned that he had a proclivity to “engage in deviate sexual behavior that was potentially deadly.” And in her deposition during the divorce, Marina also said that David was engaged in and had admitted to an “incestuous relationship” with a close family member and basically, all this drama was part of the reason she divorced him. She didn’t even want to be known as Marina Carradine anymore. She wanted nothing to do with his name…..
And I stopped in shock. You know. I was like, huh? Are you serious? And then I wondered what that “deviant” sexual behavior could be that is deadly? And then I thought of how he died naked in the closet in Thailand. And then I thought, well, if he committed suicide, why would he be naked in the closet?  And then I thought, oh my word. OH MY WORD. The man was 72 years old! Are you telling me that at 72 one still engages in you-know-what so much? To the point that one would even engage in deviant practices at that age? And could possible even accidentally kill oneself in the process?
This guy was married in 2004 to his fifth wife, what’sherface? Um, Annie Bierman….oh my word. I can’t analyze this. I just can’t analyze this. Read the Smoking Gun thing here:
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