Supermodel Stephanie Seymour rumbles with soon to be ex husband Peter Brant's bodyguards in Greenwich

Police were reportedly called to the Greenwich Connecticut estate of supermodel Stephanie Seymour, 39, and her billionaire hubby Peter Brant, 62. So says the New York Post. Apparently Peter’s bodyguards slammed Stephanie into the walls?  No. Actually that isn’t quite right. I guess they allegedly pushed her or something and her assistant called the police. There was a second call the same night when she got into a verbal altercation with yet another bodyguard. Her husband was away and “had nothing to do with it.”
She was meanwhile trying to get into the main house (she’s been living in the guest house since the divorce was announced) and they were trying to stop her.
Why does she need the permission of bodyguards to get into the marital residence? Peter, to my knowledge never obtained exclusive occupancy of that home? Therefore, since it is marital property, she has an unfettered right to full access and those bodyguards have no right to accost or assault her. Plus, who fights with a woman like this?
But. Whatever. Say, wonder what Stephanie was attracted to in Peter in the first place? I looked at their pics and I took note of their ages, and I am not feeling it. They seem mismatched somehow. And it’s not as if she needed the money. She was a supermodel making big bucks with Victoria’s Secret. So what was the attraction? There was an attraction for sure. I guess he must be very….libidinous. Some older guys are like that. Very libidinous.