PENNSYLVANIA: Who will get custody of Jon and Kate Gosselin's kids?

I still have not had the time to research these folks and I haven’t seen the show. Is it on HBO or Oxygen or CBS? I just don’t know. But the pics I have seen show a very cute family of eight and two unhappy looking adults. So, of course, given all the divorce talks, my mind naturally wonders to the kids. What will happen to them? Will they have joint custody? Split Custody? Or will one parent get sole custody? I strongly doubt any judge would give one parent sole custody, unless something major is amiss. But with so many kids, will the courts consider giving legal and physical custody of 4 kids to one parent and 4 to the other? I wonder? Or just give one parent physical custody and joint legal custody to both? Or give one parent total custody both physical and legal…..there as so many permutations with this many kids. Which of them will allege the other is unfit? And the show. What about that? Does one parent want the show more than the other? That could be a problem, I would think.  Because if the court gives legal custody to just one parent and the other parent does not want the kids to continue the show, I see years of litigation on this.  They certainly have the resources to carry this fight on for a long long time. Those kids will be so torn.
But if they take them off the air, Octomom Nadya Suleman will benefit. She and her kids will fill the void. And she doesn’t have a father to worry about who will fight for custody and fight to stop her from putting the kids in a show. Of course, she has Gloria Allred who is trying to get guardianship….I wonder why Gloria Allred never tried to get a guardianship over the Gosselin kids? Why, cause they are married? If yes, that is pure discrimination against single moms….ok. getting off topic a bit…..
But yes, it should be interesting to see who gets custody of the Gosselins. Won’t it?