Why are some people like supermodel Christy Brinkley serial divorcees?

Speaking of supermodels, I was reading somewhere that Christy Brinkley is apologetic about the tawdry divorce from her Bridgehampton architect beau Peter Cook. http://www.divorcesaloon.com/index.php?s=peter+cook¬†And one of the commenters said something to the effect that after 4 marriages (or is it five?) maybe Christy is just not “marriage material.” I thought that was an ouch statement myself. But she has had a lot of tries at it and she is quoted as saying she won’t try again. And I can’t really say I blame her. Cause it is sort of looking like she’s a serial divorcee and it is unclear why. Is she just queen of picking Mr. Wrongs? Is she just Mrs. Wrong? Or is marriage just too damn complicated?