HOLLYWOOD: Tori & Dean – Hey, Dean, thinking of divorcing your "workaholic" spouse?

Okay. I cheated on that one. I chose that title just for the SEO hits. Cause Tori and Dean are not getting a divorce, even though all she talks about is being a “workaholic.” I like her show, actually. I’m watching re-runs as we speak.  (You may be wondering how I watch it if I don’t have a TV? But I will say, that’s for me to know and for you to find out!) ….I’ve been depressed last few days due to some family “challenges”. But things seem to be better and are stabilizing, and I am keeping my fingers crossed even though we are not out of the woods yet and I’m hoping and praying….and I am indulging in a bit of humor too. But I haven’t been doing a lot of laughing lately….
Workaholics are tough to be married to, I would imagine. As I said, Tori Spelling says she’s a workaholic and she claims she inherited the workaholic gene from her late father Aaron Spelling. And I guess that is true for a lot of workaholics. It’s genetic. But it can lead to isolation, and to your partner feeling ignored, left out and under-sexed. To wit: Dean (a self-described “douche bag”) is always complaining to Tori that he needs more you-know-what. Although, that could be just due to the fact that he’s a Scorpio and they are widely regarded as “fiends” in that department if you know what I mean….
Working too much  can be bad for a marriage, I think. Like anything else, balance is needed. Sometimes, workaholics work a lot to avoid intimacy in their marriage, or to cover up on some insecurity they are experiencing.
So if you are like Tori Spelling, you better check this gene before it gets the better of the marriage you are in…..btw, I think I like their show, Tori & Dean. It’s on Oxygen and it’s fresh. I like it. Check it out if you haven’t seen it, for tips on how to balance marriage, family,  WORK and whoopie.