Husband of 'Little House' Star Kills Self when star asks for divorce

I just did a post about divorce and suicide earlier this week, so it was kind of distressing to read this:
What can I say beyond what I said here?¬†I sure hope that….I hope this post doesn’t give anyone any weird ideas. I mean, suicide is not okay. It should not be discussed in a blase fashion and I sure hope I don’t seem like I’m condoning this. Just because the person you are married to does not want to be married to you anymore is not an excuse to kill yourself. It’s not the other person’s fault. Both spouses are culpable. Suicide is a coward’s way out. I am totally against that. I think people should be sensitive to others, of course. But this idea that someone wants a divorce, therefore you kill yourself, is not okay. It’s a way to try to make the other person feel guilty on a certain level and I don’t condone this. We are all fragile human beings. But we are also responsible for ourselves. No one owes us anything. Not even happiness. And no relationship or marriage should define someone’s life. Jennifer Anniston said this. She said, “I am not defined by that relationship.” And I will never forget that. It is loaded. It is healthy. Only if you are defined by your marriage and that relationship would you commit suicide if it comes to an end. And that is very very unhealthy, notwithstanding what I said in the post I linked to above.