Steven Tanger's (the mall guy's) networth is much lower than once believed

According to the New York Post,¬† CEO of Tanger Mall outlets Steven Tanger is fighting to keep his networth at about $30 million. His wife is fighting to say it is more like $60 million. But he is claiming that most of that is not his, but his father’s money and so she should not be looking to the court to equitably distribute what is not legally his. The parties have been in divorce proceedings since 2005. Two Thousand and five. That is nearly five years! I am always fascinated by these long divorces. What if someone dies in the process? Do you realize if you are in divorce proceedings and your spouse dies you don’t get equitable distribution? If there’s a will, you get what’s in the will. If it is less than a third, you probably get a “forced share” pursuant to the Estate laws in New York state but that is another side of the brain that is not awake yet so I can’t have that discussion. But it definitely complicates things if there is a death in the interim. Five years to get divorced? Why?????????????