Wall Street wives and domestic violence

Wall Street is still a mess and I was reading that the marriages of many Wall Street tycoons are also a mess and that domestic violence is on the rise in many of these once happy homes. See, money is the ultimate drug. It can totally make people feel happy in a way that poverty can’t. So now that a lot of these guys are not making any money, they are not happy. In fact, misery is not even the word. They may even be psychotic in some ways as they try to figure out what the heck to do, to rebound.
In the interim, they are feeling a lot of frustration. And fear. And anger. And they are lashing out, some of these folks.
The closest object in their paths, often times, is their wives who is just no match for her husband’s strength. (Why did God do that? Why did he make men so strong and women so weak? I’m still amazed by how strong men are and the things they can do and even at my age, I can be physically overpowered by a man! No matter how much I work out even skinny guys can overpower a woman physically! I don’t get it?!?)
So anyways, these Wall Street guys, some of them, are just out of their element right now and they are reportedly using their wives as punching bags and they are physically overpowering their wives and doing a lot of inappropriate things, like batter their helpless spouses behind closed doors.
We better hope the economy rebounds fast. Cause otherwise….