Spouses who don't function as a "team" are more likely to divorce

As an unmarried person, I would argue that the salient feature of marriage that makes couples think they are superior to singles is the fact that they are a member of a ready-made “team.”
The team feature of marriage is extremely critical to its continued success. And when that team starts to malfunction, well, the marriage is pretty much caput. Because if there is no team what is the point of the piece of paper. Sure, you can have a team without a piece of paper and that can work fine. But you can’t have a piece of paper without the team. That is just vapor. And you can’t do anything with it.
Needless to say, some couples function better as a team (as in a team with each other) and some couples function better either single, or teamed up with somebody other than their spouse.
That is the stuff divorces are made of. When one is ill-teamed. You’ve got to put together the right team. Or stay single. You’ll be happier and more productive. Believe me. Get the right team, or don’t marry.