How to tweet your way to a great married sex life

Um, I don’t know how you would do that, tweet your way to a great married sex life. I just used that title to titillate so that you would read the post. Sorry. Lame trick. Look, I just figure that if you’re on the verge of divorce or something, a way to spice things up in that department might be to get a twitter account that only you and your husband know, keep the account private, and during the day, send all these tweets. I’m sure Demi and Ashton do this. They send each other private tweets. But the merits of the tweets and the specifics? That’s up to you babe. I don’t know. I would probably send stoopid stuff, like, oh, I’m wearing my Victoria’s Secret…or something inane and uninspiring. But you? I am sure you’re imagination is tons more vivid. And then, it will save your marriage.
Plus, I think you can use twitter to communicate to a spouse with ADD. I think it would sink in more. Just send short quick tweets. This will work great for men. They never want the big talk. But tweets? They can handle tweets. So another way to save your marriage is to communicate strictly by tweets. …look, it’s not easy coming up with ideas for blog posts these days. So if this is lame, don’t look at me. I keep telling you: