On divorcing the kleptomaniac

Can you imagine being married to someone who just can’t stop stealing? That could be a very stressful situation. Because as the spouse of such a person, you could even get drawn into the legal mess that could sometimes result if your spouse were caught lifting, say, toiletries in Duane Reade or books in Barnes and Noble, or god forbid, artwork from the neighborhood synagogue or something. I mean, it is embarrassing. And it is rife with danger for the other spouse. What if your spouse does that and you are¬† present? You are likely not going to turn him or her in. But then you may become this unwitting accessory to the crime. Or the goods are found in your car or something, and you are driving and there is no way to tell which one of you took it, and here you are, in possession of stolen goods or something.
I mean, I never heard of this happening; I’m just raising a theory. But I am sure it does happen and can happen. And I would think that one of the solutions to this problem, if therapy does not work, is divorce. I mean, I guess it comes down to how much you love the person. More than yourself? Are you in one of those situations where you can’t live with or without the person? Then maybe you won’t divorce him or her just because they are kleptos. But otherwise, I’m thinking divorce is an option. I mean, that’s just crazy. And dangerous. Wouldn’t you concur?