Alexa Ray Joel discusses her dad Billy Joel's divorce and her crush on…John Mayer???

Alexa Ray Joel’s  quoted as saying she is “supporting her dad right now.” She says she kind of knew something was up and that the marriage was crumbling….could there be a reconciliation for Billy Joel and his ex (Alexa’s mother) Christie Brinkley? …. the only disturbing thing about what Alexa said in her interview with the Daily Intel, was her quote “John [Mayer] is sweet and flirty and I’m a big fan, and I’m flattered [by the rumor that we are dating] but we are not.” And my heart just dropped when I read that. It just dropped. I though “oh my god, I hope she has better judgment with men than her mother!” Because for her to describe Mayer as “sweet”?! SWEET? OMG. Has she been following this guy or what? Is she on Twitter? Does she read the papers and the blogs? Did she observe him with Jennifer Anniston, Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Love Hewitt and all the rest of the women he left with broken hearts in Tinsel Town? Plus, I don’t wanna say he’s a rat. But there is a certain appearance of rattiness that is inescapable. There really is. He is divorce material through and through and for Alexa to describe him as “sweet” is very scary. She needs to be shaken to her senses stat. Earth to Alexa!!!
Guys like that? oooooooooh. He smiles. But he is a villain. Even the blind can see that. I really believe he’s a big time villain and he plays with women. He gets a kick from it. He laughs it off with his friends. I’ve totally met guys like this and they suck.
I could be wrong about him but he strikes me as the type who builds up all this intrigue and this fake persona that he uses to lure these gals into his lair. He plays them. Then he gets what he wants and dumps them. The bigger the catch (cum Jennifer Anniston) the better. Open your eyes, Alexa. He is not sweet! 
John Mayer sweet? Somebody knock some sense into that child!