What do you do when your own pastor or religious leader gets divorced?

A lot of people put a lot of stock in what their religious leaders say and do. I am not one of those people. I have my own beliefs and interpretations and I am painfully aware that many religious leaders are as human as I am. They make colossal mistakes. They do all the things that the rest of us do. Sometimes, they do worse things.  You know? I guess that’s why I hardly ever go to church anymore. I came to realize that a lot of religious leaders are truly flawed, hypocritical and even “unchristian.” And then I thought, jeeze, I get more spiritual food out of talking a long walk and talking to my God than sitting in this place listening to and watching the things I hear and see go on. For that reason, my more devout friends have a penchant for giving me lectures about my salvation. They are afraid I am going to burn in hell, while they are in heaven having caviar and champagne.
Look, whatever your beliefs are, they are. I pass no judgment on what anybody chooses to believe. I know that I put almost zero stock in this notion that religious leaders are somehow holier than the rest of the population. I mean, excuse me for saying this. I probably should not say it. Should I say it?…..I don’t think the Pope is holier than anyone else….oh, wait. He doesnt’ get married…well, I don’t think any pastor anywhere is any holier than anyone else. I think he or she sins like the rest of us. I think he or she has weaknesses and failures like the rest of us. I think he or she can commit adultery like the rest of us. I think he or she can lie, steal, covet, all the sins that human beings can commit (doesn’t the Word say we are all “filthy rags” and that “no not one of you is holy?”)
So if a pastor gets divorced, I really don’t know why it would unhinge a member of that congregation. The pastor is not God. He’s just a person like you. You know? I tell you: put your faith in no one. They are bound to disappoint you at some point. Heck, sometimes even God disappoints. How many times have I prayed for something and he doesn’t deliver? The other day I was so frustrated with his failure to deliver I was taking a long walk and I was having a conversation with him in my mind and I was like, “dude, can you hear me? Are you listening to me? Or am I having a soliloquy, or what?”
But I felt him smile. I could almost hear him say, “you’re a mess. You are a big, big mess. But I still love you.” 
Pastors? Love em. But don’t put all your faith in them. They are only human. And they too can divorce.
At least we know that God never got married. So that is the one thing we don’t have to worry about. Him getting divorced. Can you imagine if God ever got married? Boy. His wife would have a serious superiority complex. She would throw all these jealous hissy fits. God would probably have to abandon mankind just to keep that diva in check.