TEXAS: Equine law and divorce: What's a horse got to do with this Texas divorce?

Just now I was reading on the Equine Law Blog written by attorney Allison Rowe in Texas http://equinelaw.alisonrowe.com/2009/06/articles/family-law/horses-of-divorce/¬†about this case involving a horse. I read really quickly but I think the gist is that this divorcing couple is trying to figure out who gets the horse. Interestingly, they are not treating the horse like a pet. So it’s not like they are trying to figure out who gets “custody” of it.¬† It is more like property and they are trying to figure out if it is separate property or community property and whether one spouse gets it or whether they will sell and split the proceeds, sort of the way a lot of divorcing couples sell and split the proceeds of the marital residence.
I was just intrigued with the whole concept of an entire blog dedicated to “equine law”. I am so completely provincial that I didn’t even realize that that was a whole area of law that people specialize in. Boy. Live and learn.