Is there a bit of divorce schadenfreude in the Usher/Tameka bust up?

Okay. Tell the truth. Are you gloating even slightly because someone you know is getting divorced? I feel like a lot of people are happy Tameka got the boot. I don’t know why. I haven’t really followed their story. I am not exactly a huge Usher fan just because I am not nearly cool enough to hang with a guy like that, you know? But I have seen them in photos and I”ve always wondered what was the attraction. I tend to do that. I observe couples and try to figure out why they may be attracted to each other, why they got married. In Usher and Tameka’s case, I don’t see it. They seem very different. He looks a lot younger for one thing. She makes him seem kind of “small” which is fatal I think to a relationship. Not that a man can’t be shorter than a woman. He can. And it can work. But he can’t be “smaller”. She can’t make him seem like a boy. I think something about Tameka makes Usher seem like a little boy.
Be that as it may, is there a bit of schadenfreude in this case? Are people gloating just a little? I feel as if they are. I wonder why?
I guess it’s the way it is in their circles. Nobody really wishes anybody the best….guess it’s the same as anywhere really. People like to gloat when others are feeling pain. People like you to feel pain….misery likes company….So banal…