Should spanking cost Kate Gosselin her kids?

Walking by a newsstand this afternoon on my way to Madison and 86th, I saw one of the gossip magazines that had a photo of Kate Gosselin on the cover pounding her daughter on the tush. It didn’t look good. The daughter was clearly hollering and Kate was obviously very displeased with whatever it was that the daughter had done.
I made a mental note of it for a post on Divorce Saloon. As everyone knows, the Gosselins just officially announced that they are divorcing. Between them, they have reproduced 8 times and so there are eight kids whose custodial circumstances are about to change drastically. I believe I did another post on her asking the question, who will get custody? Now that I saw that Kate is pictured hitting the kids, I think she may have a problem and needs to hire very good counsel so that she doesn’t lose custody.
Because if Jon wants to play hardball and get those kids, she just delivered a really good reason for him to get them on a silver platter.
Not that I am against spanking. I personally think that if a child does something inappropriate, as a parent there is nothing wrong with occasionally opening your hand on their behind to set them straight. I don’t believe in physically abusing a kid, obviously. But sometimes no amount of talking can do what a hand slap on the butt will.
But obviously, this is very controversial. People have very strong views on both sides of this debate. It’s like gay marriage. And I’m sure an argument can be made that any kind of hitting is “abusive.” Do I buy it? No, I don’t buy it. But I can appreciate the argument. And reasonable people can disagree on this issue.  I just think that her letting herself be photographed hitting those kids was a very big mistake. Those pictures I saw can definitely be used against her, and can be taken out of context and could, when coupled with other things, lead to her losing custody of those kids.
Poor Kate. Wouldn’t want to be her.
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