Debbie Rowe is not in line to get custody of Michael Jackson's kids

If TMZ is correct, Michael Jackson’s ex-wife gave up all rights to custody after they divorced. She was even asked during the hearing whether she fully understood that all her rights would be cut off forever and she pretty much says yes she understood, and no, she does not want the job, even if he dies. So that is decisive. Who ever gets custody won’t be Debbie Rowe. I wonder who? I guess his mom. That is usually what happens unless the parents are so estranged from the child. If a child dies, then the grandparents would take custody–usually. And I think Michael had a good relationship with his mother. After all, he named his only daughter after her, Paris Michael Katherine Jackson.
Plus, the kids have godparents, one of whom is reportedly Elizabeth Taylor. But seriously, can anybody suggest that Liz can be custodial parent to such young kids? That’s insane.
His family will get custody is my hunch. His mother and maybe Janet.
I am so saddened even more when I think of those young kids, and how much their lives will change now. Nobody will love them quite like their dad did.  I wonder what happened? The media is saying there was a doctor in the house. Did they drug that man to this death? Is that what happened here?
This is a terrible tragedy. And now those poor little kids are orphans. I hope their custodial parent keeps them out of the public eye for the rest of their lives. Not everybody is kind. Actually, more people are unkind than are kind. And my heart breaks for what the unkind people in the world can do to them, all because they hated their father.
Poor kids.
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