The King of Pop is dead and I am so sad

I can’t really think of a divorce angle on this post. I am not even going to try to (except to say he’s been divorced twice). With all due respect to this iconic performer, I dedicate this post to Michael Jackson. I am deeply saddened tonight to learn that he has passed so abruptly.¬† I can’t even cry, I am just stunned. I can’t imagine how those who knew him and are close to him must feel….2009 has definitely been a strange year so far. I don’t really know how much more I can take from this year….but this is life. THIS IS LIFE.¬† Okay. Now I am crying a little bit… this is good. Here’s to hoping we all remember to tell those we love that we love them before it is too late. Here’s to love and kindness and forgiveness. Here’s to memories of the good things and the good times. Here’s to a human being who, though flawed, graced this world with his presence. He made it a better place in his own way. Here’s to hoping we can all do the same in some small way with our own lives.