Will there be a custody battle for Michael Jackson's kids?

Who will get custody of Michael Jackson’s three children 12-year old Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., 11-year old Paris Michael Katherine Jackson and 7-year old Prince “Blanket” Michael Jackson II?
The eldest two share the same mother, who was a nurse working for Mr. Jackson’s dermatologist at the time they met, a strange woman by the name of Debbie Rowe. The children physically resemble Ms. Rowe in that they are both very White looking. There is speculation that Mr. Jackson was not the biological father. I wonder why they are saying this? Is it because they are on the light side? Or is there real meat to these assertions? In other words, did he use a surrogate? I don’t see why he would have had to do that. The man was in his thirties and full of wild oats at the time. He didn’t need anybody else’s oats. Plus, he strikes me as someone who would have adamantly wanted his own kids, his own dna running through their veins. Otherwise, what’s the point? Besides, some inter-racial kids come out looking more like one parent (complexion wise) than the other. That is pretty common. So the idea that they are not his kids because they look “White” is just idiotic. They are clearly biracial. And I just don’t think Michael Jackson needed to use another “Black” man’s sperm to spawn his own kids. That is just straight up stoopid, and low-brained for people to suggest. I mean, folks, get a life.
There is some speculation that Debbie Rowe  “waived her parental rights” when the couple divorced several years ago. But that she had asked to have her rights re-instated. If she waived her parental rights, then she would have no right to custody now. I am sure a man in Mr. Jackson’s position has a will, and has a health care proxy, and has a guardian picked out for his children in the event something like this were to happen to him. I’m sure. It would be inconceivable if he didn’t, with so much to lose. So I strongly doubt Debbie is in the picture. Besides, if she wanted to be a mother to those kids, there is no way she would have given up her parental rights. NONE. My hunch is she is not interested in the job.
Those children are the real victims, aren’t they? Who will love them as much as their father? He probably had such strict and specific rules about everything having to do with their care, including what they ate, wore, read, saw and did. If, as some speculate, the children will be in the custody of their grandmother Katherine Jackson, she will love them I am sure. But she is now quite an old woman. How much time will she have with them, realistically?
This is the problem with being a single parent, isn’t it? Dying and leaving your poor kids to the mercy of whomever. Big nightmare. Can’t even imagine what a horror that would be personally. One of my biggest fears, actually.
Certainly, there is no shortage of siblings in the Jackson family. But who will love them the way Michael Jackson did? Who could possibly love them the way Michael Jackson, their beloved father, did? Who could?